5 Documentales imprescindibles sobre Cannabis ames o odies la Marijuana

5 essential documentaries about Cannabis love or hate Marijuana

If you are a lover of the seventh art and cannabis, you are interested in continuing reading because we want to recommend the 5 best documentaries about marijuana .

1.The Legend of 420

Marijuana is increasingly present in our daily lives. Filmmakers explore the controversial use of marijuana and the evolution of the drug, including the current push to decriminalize its use.

 2. Super High Me

Comedian Doug Benson conducts an experiment in which he abstains from marijuana use for 30 days and then smokes it continuously for another 30 days.

 3. Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis

The Montana PBS documentary reveals how cannabis works in the brain and body to treat nausea, pain, epilepsy, and potentially even cancer.Extensive interviews with patients, doctors, researchers, and skeptics detail the promises and limitations of medical cannabis. Probably the most scientifically focused documentary ever made.

 4. When we grow, this is what we can do

A documentary about cannabis in the UK. It examines the history of the plant, the facts, its many uses, and the laws and policies that surround it. Follow two young filmmakers on a shoestring budget as they try to unravel what cannabis prohibition really means, who it affects, who benefits from it, and why it was banned in the first place.

5. Mexican Marijuana

This episode of the documentary seriesMiscellany ofvice mexico follows the current situation of marijuana in Mexico. The episode shows a traditional cannabis plantation in the state of Guerrero in Mexico and how the peasants are the least benefited in the production chain.
We know that there are many more documentaries, series and movies. So we invite you to see the one you need to cross off your list and recommend another essential that we have not mentioned.

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