CBD Full Spectrum, el mejor para tu cuerpo

CBD Full Spectrum, the best for your body

We take advantage of the launch ofour CBD oils to talk precisely about this, its properties, types and what options we offer you from Hippy Collective.

Throughout this blog we will solve together some doubts about CBD in oil.

¿QWhat is CBD oil?

It is the most comfortable way to ingest CBD fasting or accompanied by some food. Like olive, sunflower or coconut oil, it has a similar texture and yellowish color, but its use is therapeutic and not gastronomic.

¿How to take CBD oil?

As we have mentioned before, his thing is to do it orally with some frequency, that is, to create the habit for a few weeks of take between 2 and 4 drops daily to start noticing changes in your body. Plus, our dripper design makes it extremely easy to dispense amounts.

¿Full Spectrum or CBD Isolate?

SinceHippy Collective forever we try to offer the best of CBD to our consumers, it is for this reason and based on our own experience that we consider marketing only Full Spectrum or Full Spectrum. It contains CBD and other types of cannabinoids(CBDA, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV) making this one most complete oil with a high concentration of benefits .

On the other side of the coin is CBD Isolate, which only contains CBD and never THC. In any case, you can rest easy because our Full Spectrum oil does not contain THC .

¿What CBD oil do I buy??

We know that before buying the best thing is to try, that is why we have decidedsell a 2.5 ml bottle at a very cheap price 14.90€. We are so convinced of its properties that you will soon be inquiring again aboutour web to catch one of them10 ml bottles with 10% CBD or 10 ml with 20% CBD.

¿I am vegan, can I consume CBD oil??

Our CBD oils are 100% vegan and have a certificate from the European Union.

If you are skeptical about the properties and benefits of CBD, this is your option to safely test its therapeutic power. Count on the Hippy Collective team to answer any questions that may arise. We will continue to create the best to give war to our competition.

Hippy Collective is the best online CBD store. At Hippy we sell CBD flowers, CBD Oils and other hemp-derived products. All products are legal, with less than 0.2% THC, complying with CBD regulations. If you want cheap CBD in Barcelona, Hippy is your trusted online legal hemp store.


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