¿Cómo preparar un bizcocho de CBD?

How to prepare a CBD cake?

How many times have you met with your friends and the typical enlightened person has come out saying: We make a marijuana cake? This week's blog is dedicated to all those enlightened people.s.

Let's talk about how to prepare a Marijuana biscuit versioned with CBD . We do not want you to merge with the sofa or laugh until your abdomen hurts. We want to enjoy cooking with your colleagues and absorb the properties of CBD In a different way. We assure you that the day you prepare this cbd cake you will sleep like a baby .


If you like, we'll go to the kitchen to review the utensils and ingredients we need.


1 flavored yogurt. We recommend the lemon one. (The container itself will act as a meter).


White or brown sugar.

Sunflower oil.

3 eggs.

1 sachet of yeast.

5 grams of CBD (You can go through our website and select the one you like the most).

Chocolate, nuts, blueberries (feel free to add the flavor that most conquers your palate).


Container to bake the cake (important that it is made of a material compatible with the oven).

Butter to prevent sticking.



Grinder (if you buy ourHippy Pocket you will have it grinded).


Now that we have the list of all our essentials, the time has come to get our hands dirty.. 

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.

Grind the CBD.

Grease the container with butter.

Add all the elements in the container except for the CBD.

Stir vigorously until the ingredients are smooth.

We add the CBD and mix everything again.

We try to leave the dough smooth and without remains in the corners.

Put the mold in the oven for 30 minutes.

We are observing and seeing the state of cooking.

We got it!

We have promised you that it would be as simple as possible. Now it's time to sit down with your colleagues and enjoy the gastronomic experience accompanied by a glass of wine or good beer.

If you dare to cook we want you to send us a photo of such a great moment to our accountInstagram, we promise to reward you with a discount code .

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