El origen del 420. Un icono para los fumadores de marihuana.

The origin of the 420. An icon for marijuana smokers.

today 20 ofapril, Thousands of marijuana users and smokers will gather in the middle of the afternoon to celebrate 420. A tradition that dates back to the 70s on the streets of California.

If you are curious like us, stay until the end because we are going to tell you thebecause of this day with photos and videos. Without further delay, cclose your eyes that we will travel in time to move to the San Rafael school in 1971 .

It is said that in the autumn of that same year, five young men were marking on a map a supposed marijuana cultivation inPoint Kings , northwest of San Francisco.After finishing his classes and as if some explorerstreat, They decided to go visit this coveted green treasure, so they agreed to meet at 4:20, shortly after finishing their classes.

The reality is that they found nothing, but from that moment on the meetings at that time were repeated.

They began to use this term as an encrypted option to talk about smoking marijuana without other people understanding what the game was about. "We smoked a lot of weed back then," says Dave Reddix or, also, Waldo Dave.

Over time, the term spread among young people until it landed in numerous rock bands, which would make it completely established.

In the photo you can see the founding fathers of the 420 with a few years on them, but with the same mischievous spirit of that crazy time.

If you are one of those who likes to consume information in documentary format, we leave you with this video that he published Forbes a couple of years ago that explains exactly everything you've read before.

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