Hippy Ambassadors: Axel Serrat

Hippy Ambassadors:Axel Serrat

We inaugurate a section in the Hippy Collective Magazine interviewing our Ambassadors to bring them closer to our community and we can learn from them. Today we start withAxel Serrat.

Very good Axel, we would like to start with a small introduction from you.

My name is Axel Serrat, I'm from Barcelona and I was born in '87. I imagine that makes me a boomer, or a millennial, or the truth is I don't know why I always get confused. I really enjoy skating, taking photos and also getting lost in places, whether in the mountains or in more urban environments.

Let's try to break it down since we know you like a lot of things. Let's start with the long, cchow did you start?

I had always skated, I liked to trick and go down to the square, but I also liked to catch the skate and go on routes around Barcelona, I was crazy to catch the railways or the metro and hit a good descent to somewhere. The only thing that at the time was not easy to find longboards and the few that were were very expensive. For a while I stopped skating and focused on Rugby, I felt like I was stuck and most of my friends stopped skating, but after a few years I started working in a skate shop and that reconnected me with the world of the skate Later I was able to buy my first longboard and since then I use big boards and soft wheels. But well, let's say that what I do is skate with planks and hit some good downhills.

¿How were the years as a skater The downhills are no joke some heavy record to highlightr?

Damn, because it wasn't until they were finished that I realized how fucking good they were and how lucky I've been. Not worrying about bills, traveling with everything covered, just having to skate and produce content, the truth is that it was a good time that I don't miss either because in the end things come to an end and everything has its good things and its things bad.
That yes, I have to be very grateful to my sponsors of the time because if not in my life I would have known so many places and people so special.
For me, the two best trips of that time were in 2016 when I had the opportunity to travel to China and Colombia.
From this last one I took a "nice" memory. On the third day of the trip, we went skating on a highway in a neighborhood on the outskirts of Medellín. The highways there have a serious slope, and you have to add other factors to that. Crazy drivers, and all the gutters fenced off with barbed wire. Come on, going off the road or occupying opposite lanes was a terrible idea! The fact is that we mounted the camera in the car and started to go down. In one of these, what usually happens to me when I don't know a road well, I went into a left curve, so I tried not to go towards the barbed wire and ate the whole ditch with my ass.

And after talking about your ass (laughs) Do you think we'll jump to photography. On Instagram, we see you very active with very beautiful photos. Tell us about your relationship with this world and your setup.

Well, when I was little I liked to fiddle with film cameras, I think it's something very common in people of my generation. Later I got more serious when I started skating for brands and traveling, I liked to take my camera and take photos of my friends skating the places we discovered. Little by little I became more fond of photography and having more interest in other types of photography (portraits, nature, abstract)... until in the end I ended up obsessing with photography in one of its purest states, analog photography.
I am amazed at the fact that I understand all the mechanics and that everything is "real", how the light of a moment is captured in the film, the textures, developing the reels at home, the fact that I can do it all by myself, without the need for no one to intervene in the process. And besides, the whole process is slow and laborious. For me it gives an extra value to any photo, even if it is bad.
The truth is that any setup works well if you know how to use it. With a good lens you're done, in the end the camera bodies are just pure mechanics. The lenses are what will give one result or another.
Leaving home with a very bright 50mm lens and a telezoom, you're going to shoot!

Now that you walk with the skate a little more to the side, tell us about your other projects and moves.

My project is to continue working as a locator. It is a job that combines very well with my passions. The fact of seeing that a location that I have fought appears in any production makes me very hard. Although it is not highly valued, I think it greatly influences the appearance or aesthetics that a series, movie or advertisement is going to have.
Also, I am working on a personal project that requires a lot of patience and that I hope will be finished by the middle of 2023. I would love to be able to make a book and an exhibition about it, but for now I am left with the feeling that it creates in me when I see the results. that are coming out
And finally, I hope to continue having fun on a skate for much longer. A new board size is coming this year with the folks at Arbor Skateboards, and next year we're bringing out some awesome graphics. I suppose that a couple or three edits will also come out, and that some other skate trip will fall.
I take this opportunity to thank the people of Kaina and Paris Trucks who love me as I am, which is not easy.

Seeing that you don't mince words, you are encouraged to talk about your relationship with THC and CBD. What's cool about Hippy Collectivee?

I could say that CBD has saved my life, even if it sounds cliché. I was always one of those stoners that can be seen from miles around, but THC made me feel great. Though I always thought it would be really cool to be able to smoke something that tasted so good and didn't get me high. Over time, smoking THC started to make me sick, and that's when CBD products started coming out. I tried it and the truth is that since then I have stopped smoking THC.
I'm not trying to say that the best thing to do to quit THC is to smoke CBD, I'm just trying to share my experience. I was one of those people who said I would never give up joints, and look at me. CBD suits me wonderfully.
In addition to being part ofHippy Collective it's a pass The product is delicious, they have a thousand varieties and all the people that make up this family are great. There is a lot of good vibes and desire to do things well.

¡You will make us cry! Thank you very much for your time Axel, it is an honor to have you in the family and to inaugurate this section with you. We can only encourage those who do not know you to follow you onInstagram @agboton.

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