"Hippy Pocket" el CBD para festivales

"Hippy Pocket"the CBD for festivals

Temperatures are rising throughout Europe, little by little spring says goodbye to us, summer is approaching and with it, the desire to party. That's why we launchHippy Pocket, the first "Ready to Roll" CBD packet on the market.

"Our consumers deserve to enjoy with their friends more and, therefore, every second counts"

Fanny pack, tobacco, cbd flowers, wallet, grinder, makeup, the occasional condom, sunglasses It sounds familiar to you You go out with so many things that you no longer know what you have and you have to search with luck on your part to get first what you are looking for.s. 

with our new productHippy Pocket all that ends. We believe that our consumers deserve to enjoy with their friends more and therefore every second counts.

With this campaign we present our future star product, we hope you like it as much as we do.

InHippy Collective We understand life as a path to enjoy, hence our slogan Stress is the Enemy Hippy is the Remedy, that's why this summer you can't miss this essential. Also, now that thel Primavera Sound 2022 and many other festivals, there is no doubt that it will be your best ally.

 About Hippy Pocket

It is not trim, they are flowers of the varietyCritical Kush already grinded.

The pack is available in20g Y10g.

Critical Kush contains 7.5% CBD and less than 0.2% THC.

WithHippy Pocket you will only need paper and a lighter to make your "cbd joint" an even more chill moment. Forget asking for grinder, grinder and other stories. Now you can go straight to the point and not let anything cut you off.

We have limited units, so get yourshere and get ready for all your friends to ask you.

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