It's Official! Hippy Collective sale al mercado

It's Official! Hippy Collective hits the market

You have been asking us on social networks, on the street and by carrier pigeon. And the time has come! We can finally say that we are operational and with the online store blowing smoke..
April 10, 2022 is the date our adventure begins. A dream that has been slowly developing from Barcelona to the world.
Hippy Collective opens its online store with the best assortment of cbd flowers,streetwear and accessories. In addition, very soon we will begin to expand our cbd-based products with creams and oils. If Rome was not built in a day, let us be honest and tell you the same with our company.
We are not just any brand. We firmly believe in our values, good vibes and providing a product of high value and quality at a competitive price. Hippy Collective is synonymous with action, nonconformity, friendship, and several hundred more positive adjectives.
Let's get to the point We entered the Spanish market wanting to do things differently. Providing value and fucking products. Tacos can be written here Of course, it's our blog for a reason.og.
Our mission is simple, to decriminalize the use of cannabis-based products, leaving aside the THC that produces so many illegal sales on the streets.
We do not want to entertain you much more, we want you to judge for yourself and give us your feedback. We invite you to lose yourself in ourWeb and subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss anything.
This has only just begun...

Hippy Collective is the best online CBD store. At Hippy we sell CBD flowers, CBD Oils and other hemp-derived products. All products are legal, with less than 0.2% THC, complying with CBD regulations. If you want cheap CBD in Barcelona, Hippy is your trusted online legal hemp store.

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