Hippy Collective: Así vivimos nuestro último shooting

Hippy Collective:This is how we lived our last shooting

few weeks agowe finally hit the market, so we tell you in ourMagazine and social networks. Sometimes you focus on the launch, but you don't see all the effort behind the project. From the other side of the screen we are infinitely grateful for the great reception and messages received.

Today we come to tell you how the working day was and where we did our last shooting. We rented a super house in Premiá where we received twenty models who did not hesitate to join us.

Like any company, we needed to take some photos with which we could show our products, unique style and find an excuse to run away from the office. This was the house that we told you about. not bad, noo?

With a rustic style and zillions of rooms, it was quite an achievement to be able to transform each space to capture our ideas on camera.

Little by little we are going to release the different chapters, but as you may have noticed and we have announced in our secondary accountHippy Magazine, they have blocked our Instagram account. While we continue battling to recover what belongs to us, we leave you with "Creative Studio Chapter 1"..

The founders ofHippy Collective they were piloting the shooting in the purest styleSpielberg and they have forced me to sneak this photo they captured during the day to show their beauty.From left to right: Pol Buch, Marc Momplet and Lucas Larripa.

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