Sabadell tendrá una piscina de olas para la práctica del surf

Sabadell will have a wave pool for surfing

¿How many times have you gone down to any of the beaches of Barcelona or its surroundings to surf throughout the past year 

The answer is probably less than I would like. Let's be honest, the Mediterranean Sea is a hell of a lot to go have a vermouth with colleagues and cool off, but its waves are calmer for surfers.

"Investors estimate that they could attract about 160,000 users a year..."

The works will be carried out by the company SurfCity, which will pay a fee of 41,700 euros per year in exchange for a transfer from the City Council for a period of 40 years.

Sabadell City Council has seen the opportunity to invest in a wave pool and the project promises to be heavy, as it will be one of the first artificial waves in Europe.
"38 surfers will be able to evolve at the same time in the aquatic facility"

Investors estimate that could attract about 160,000 users a year , of which 65,000 will be athletes. "We will attract visitors from Catalonia, from the rest of the State and also foreign tourists, in addition to consolidating ourselves as a surf school, with the latest technologies, now that it is an Olympic sport," according to the investor.

The main pool will have 140 meters long and 35 wide , with a total area of 5,500 square meters, with a capacity for 38 surfers at a time .

And if you are one of those who like to know the full figures, we inform you that the project will cost a whopping 14 million . But the thing is that the thing does not end with the pool of artificial waves, since the place located in the sports complex of Sant Oleguer, next to the Bassa, the covered athletics track and the Ripoll river.

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