La epidemia de los DIY en Barcelona

The DIY epidemic in Barcelona

DIY acronym that comes from the English Do It Yourself. But what the hell are they exactly Do it yourself would be the most accurate translation and as it suggests the idea is to get down to work to build whatever you want.oje.

"One of its particularities is to find a flat terrain such as a basketball court to save yourself the trouble of conditioning the pavement."

In the world of skateboarding we have seen a proliferation of this practice carried out by small groups of people who, without giving it much thought, decide to get together to build ramps, curbs and railings, motivated to make their ideas a reality in the face of the inefficient response of city councils in meeting their needs.

The DIY usually have in common that they are carried out in unused spaces, abandoned places in most cases and that they are far from urban areas. One of its particularities is to find a smooth terrain such as a basketball court to save yourself the trouble of preparing the pavement. Barcelona in recent years has had a special "boom" in the construction of self-managed spaces for skateboarding.

Today we share the four most epic DIYs in Barcelona and surroundings. And of course, from Hippy Collective we can only take our hats off to such well-born constructions.

  • Spotter DIY

Located in Barbera del Valles It has two sections, one with pure ramps and the most complex transitions and a newer part focused on the discipline of street. We leave you with some old videos with the collaboration of Spitfire Wheels and Nike SB.


  • DIY Caribou

Built by the skaters of Mataro , this old rink is the ideal setting to spend a day skating and enjoying the wide variety of options offered by this space. (in the photo Martin Saavedra Pivot grab to fakie photo by @skateboze)

  • DIY coil

Located in Badalona , is without a doubt the best place to practice street skateboarding. Every corner is perfectly designed to make endless rounds.

  • DIY picnic

Located in Barcelona, in the Poblenou area , is probably the project that is growing the most at the moment. There isn't a week that we don't see new modules, so all we can tell you is to go and judge for yourself, as any photo will be outdated in a matter of days.

Remember when you go to any of these places respect and take your garbage . You can easily locate them by typing their respective names on Google Maps.

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