¿Qué son las NFTs?

What are NFTs?

By now you have surely heard several times of the acronym NFTs that refer to Non Fungible Token. NFTs here NFTs there, but what the hell are they? We also asked ourselves that question, that's why we have decided to remedy this doubt with this article..

To begin with, let us tell you that these are closely linked to cryptocurrencies, at least to what technology conceives of them. Since for example Bitcoin, a type of cryptocurrency is a fungible good, while an NFT is not.

Unlike, for example, diamonds or gold (goods that are socially valuable), NFTs cannot be modified or exchanged for another. Basically, because no two are alike.

The same happens with conventional art, if you own a painting, the only one with the original copy and any resemblance will simply be a copy. Therefore, the total economic value will be deposited in the original piece.

¿How do NFTs work??

NFTs work through the blockchain orblockchain, they are assigned a digital exclusivity certificate that allows you to easily identify their authenticity, the value at which it was acquired, the author...

The NFT Boom

There is a lot of talk, since many influencers and celebrities have entered this world moving real figures of money in a short time. Be careful because many others have gone bankrupt and the media don't give it so much hype.

We leave you a video that details much more what NFTs are with some interesting anecdotes:

But for anecdotes the following. This NFT that you will see below classified within the CryptoPunk genre was recently sold for the staggering amount of 8,000 Ethereum or what is the same, 20 million euros.

¿If Michelangelo Buonarroti were alive, what do you think he would say about it??

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